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Read the open letter Google employees sent to CEO Sundar Pichai about job cuts

Google determine Alphabet introduced that the organization may be reducing 12,000 jobs in advance this year. CEO Sundar Pichai emailed personnel on January 20 to mention that the organization is reducing approximately 12,000 jobs and that he takes "complete duty for the selections that led us here." The process cuts are international and are stated to have an effect on the organization`s operations throughout geographies. Since then there had been numerous tales approximately personnel impacted through those process cuts. Many personnel have shared the equal on social media systems such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Recently, a few Google personnel wrote an open letter to Pichai inquiring for higher coping with of those process cuts. The letter lists out 5 matters that they need the organization to do. The open letter has thus far signatures from 1423 personnel. Here`s the open letter.


The influences of Alphabet's selection to lessen its team of workers are international. Nowhere have employees' voices safely been considered, and we understand that as employees we're more potent collectively than alone. We are therefore coming collectively internationally to be heard.

Specifically we're inquiring for the subsequent public commitments from you:

1) Freeze all new hires throughout the layoff process. First ask for voluntary redundancies and voluntary operating time discount earlier than obligatory layoffs. Allow for employee 'swaps' to in addition keep away from obligatory redundancies.

2) Grant precedence rehire to any Alphabet personnel which have been lately laid off. Prioritize inner switch options, prioritized get entry to to jobs with out the want to re-interview and comply with a honest severance package.

3) Protect our co-employees from nations with lively conflicts or humanitarian crises (along with Ukraine, Russia, etc). Do now no longer terminate employment while it might adversely have an effect on visas, that can require employees to go back to risky or volatile nations. Provide more assist to those and employees vulnerable to house allow loss: assist with process searches—inner and external—and offer ok gardening depart.

4) Respect scheduled leaves (Maternity, Baby Bonding, Carer's and Bereavement) and do now no longer provide word till the depart is finished. Workers given word may be notified in-individual and may be given the possibility to mention goodbye to their coworkers.

5) Ensure there may be no discriminatory results primarily based totally on sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic identity, caste, veteran status, religion, and disability.

We name on you and Alphabet greater extensively to make those crucial public commitments. Our organization has lengthy touted its dedication to doing proper through its customers and employees, and those commitments will display Alphabet adhering to the very last line of its Code of Conduct: Don't Be Evil.

We understand that is inside your manner and your cappotential to accomplish.

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